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A day in the life ...

A Day In The Life Of a Veterinary Nurse

It is soon to be Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month which takes place in May each year. It first started back in 2005, by the British Veterinary Nurse Association (BVNA), to raise awareness and celebrate the vital role vet nurses carry out in practice. While no two days are generally the same, I thought I would give you an insight into what happens on a typical day for our vet nurses in practice.


Arrive at the practice with the other staff starting that day, we have a busy little team of vets, vet nurses, managers and receptionists. Greet our inpatients and read through their hospitalisation sheets to see what they need. Dogs that are able are taken out into the garden for a walk before coming back in to have their temperature, heart rate and respiration rate checked and recorded on théir records. All other inpatients are checked, cleaned out, fed, watered and medicated if needed.


Day patients start to arrive for their surgery — today we have a dog in for neutering, a cat for a dental procedure and a dog needing X-rays. Once they arrive the vet gives them a health check before passing them over to the nursing team to take bloods, insert intravenous catheters and administer any medication they need before surgery.


A major part of the veterinary nurses role is to assist the vet during surgery. The nurse will help the vet anaesthetise the patient and then monitor them throughout the surgery. We use a wide range of equipment to do this, we have electronic monitors which monitor heart rate, oxygen in the blood stream, carbon dioxide levels, temperature and blood pressure as well as a stethoscope to measure the heart rate manually and visually checking different reflexes of the patient throughout the procedure.


Once a procedure is finished the patient is taken back to their kennel they are monitored by the kennel nurse.


Lunch Time


Time to clean all equipment used and resterilise for the next day. There is a lot of cleaning to be done when it comes to animals! Afternoon consultations have also started. Nurses offer a range of consults from weight clinics to post operation checks, bandage changes to 2nd vaccinations. Inpatients and day patients who are awake enough go for an afternoon walk in the garden.


Emergency call from a farmer with a poorly cow. A vet and nurse get their kit together and are straight off to the farm.


Day patients start going home, the nurse will explain to the owners what procedures the patients have had and what home care and medication the pet might need. Again kennels and pens are cleaned once the patient has left ready for the next arrivals. At any point we may get an emergency arrive so it is important to always be on top of cleaning and having everything ready.


All day patients should be home by now and all the inpatients get evening checks with the vet.


Phones have gone over to our on call vet and its time for home. At all times we have a vet and nurse on call for any emergencies.

Specialised Facilites

Our veterinary surgeons are available by appointment to diagnose and treat illness as well as carry out a variety of healthcare procedures. Appointments may be made by telephone or at the reception desk and due priority is given to urgent cases.

  • Experienced and qualifed veterinary team.
  • Flea treatments
  • In house laboratory for faster diagnosis.
  • Dental checks
  • and so much more

Continuity of Care

At both our surgeries we provide continuity of care, working with you to provide effective and high quality treatment. From routine vaccinations through to surgical consultations, we build relationships that support you. And whatever medications you need, our on-site dispensary will be able to provide them.

Our team of highly dedicated and experienced veterinary surgeons and vet nurses are devoted to your pet’s wellbeing. Your pets are always our priority. We all have our own pets and work hard to provide the same service to you that we would want for our own much-loved animals.

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